OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft
OPR Offshore Passage Raft

OPR Offshore Passage Raft

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SWITLIK’s OPR is designed to be a high quality, light weight, modern version of the offshore life raft, with a convertible canopy system, Toroidal Stability Device and heat sealed construction. The OPR provides 1,350 lbs. of inflated buoyancy and 24 sq. ft. of floor area and offers excellent ventilation as well as total protection from the elements.

Serious thought went into every detail and component of the OPR’s design. From the soothing blue interior and ventilated canopy that help to prevent sea sickness and allow for 360° of visibility, to the reflective components and stabilizing features, the OPR was designed with your comfort and safety in mind. The OPR is vacuum sealed with an air charge inside either a soft valise or poly container. Both options are compact enough to be carried aboard a boat of any size and handled by any passenger.



NOTE: Product price includes HAZMAT Shipping fee.

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  • Four (4) wide, sturdy steps and stiffened rung ladders allow you to easily climb over the twin tubes from any side, even wearing a life jacket
  • Twin independent buoyancy tubes - The high freeboard keeps the water out while the independent chambers provide redundancy in case of a tube failure
  • Water activated exterior light 
  • SOLAS-grade reflective patches located all around the raft
  • Lightweight, double-coated (inside and out) urethane fabric provides superior abrasion resistance.
  • Air Charge Inflation System
  • Heat Sealed Technology
  • Pressure relief valves and manual backup inflation pump
  • Heaving line
  • Mooring line
  • Sea anchor
  • Convertible Canopy System
  • 5-Year Service Interval
  • Stowage pocket on the valise for additional gear

Toroidal Stability Device or four (4) water pockets as options for stability

Poly Hard Case:



70 lb. (31.75 kg.)


31.5” L x 21.5” W x 13” H

(80cm L x 54.6cm W x 33cm H)



Aluminum Cradle Material (Optional)

Aluminum Alloy



Soft Valise:



51 lb. (23.1 kg.)


25” L x 14” W x 12”H

(60.9 x 35.5 x 30.5 cm)


FR High Denier Nylon



Life Raft:


Buoyancy in Fresh Water:

1324 lb. (5889.5 N)

Buoyancy in Salt Water:

1358 lb. (6040.7 N.)

Operating Temperature Range:

-22°F to +160°F

-30C TO 71C

Inflation System:


Buoyancy Tube Fabric:

Double Coated Fabric

Buoyancy Tube Diameter:

9.75" (24.8 cm)


19.5" (49.6 cm)


  1. Weight may vary depending upon options.
  2. Optional Cradle will extend the overall installed height and width dimensions of the Hard Container by approximately two inches. 

**Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Standard Equipment

  • Auto Deploying Sea Anchor
  • Heaving Ring
  • Inflatable Floor
  • Knife
  • Manual Inflation Pump
  • Repair Clamps (2 ea.)
  • Waterproof Solar Powered Flashlight

Optional Features

  • USCG Approved Hydrostatic Release
  • Toroidal Stability Device


There is no one universal method of rating raft capacities (see here). In fact, there are several different methods and governmental agencies worldwide that rate the capacity of a life raft based on the following criteria: usable floor area, inflated buoyancy, size of an average individual, and their concept of how long someone might be in the raft before rescue, not to mention how you find yourself to be there, i.e. from a sinking vessel or a ditched aircraft.

As a result, SWITLIK takes the position that a life raft's capacity is truly defined by its total size in floor area and inflated buoyancy. How many "people" that translates into depends upon your usage and interpretation of the above criteria.  A raft that might safely support 6 or 8 people in an emergency for 24 hours will seem a lot smaller for a transoceanic passage where rescue might be weeks in coming.

Model  Description
OPR OPR Life Raft, 4 Water Pockets, Soft Valise
OPR Life Raft, TSD, Soft Valise
OPR Life Raft, 4 Water Pockets, Hard Container
OPR Life Raft, TSD, Hard Container
OPR Cradle
Hydrostatic Release