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Aviation FAQs

Newer model constant wear life vests, such as the X-Back Series, Evolution, Aviator, and All-PAX life vests are sold with a 2-year recommended TBO (Time Between Overhaul), which begins at the Date of Manufacture (DOM) for the vests. More information can be found on our TBO Recommendation - Constant Wear Vests page.

Switlik sells life vests with 2-year, 5 year, and 10 year Times Between Overhaul (TBO). The TBO for the life vest can be found in BOX 12 of the 8130-3 release, and on the top right corner of the label on the outside of most life vest packaging. The Month/Year listed on the label under “Next Inspection Date” reflects a date 2, 5, or 10-years post-DOM. The TBO for the life vest is determined by the bag into which the vest is packed. The bag assembly is defined by the last three digits of the complete 16-digit part number, as defined in this document: Further information can be found on our TBO Recommendations – Airline Vests page.

We have provided a guide to the complete 16-digit Switlik Life Vest Part Number, found HERE.

Switlik does not set a life limit for its life vests. The vests may be placed back into service as long as they continue to pass their regularly scheduled tests per the CMM. However, it should be noted that life vest material can rapidly deteriorate after 20-25 years of life. If your life vest is greater than 20 years old, it is strongly recommended that it be replaced.

Revision Status for your Switlik CMM can be found on our Technical Publications page. Please click on the “Index of Component Maintenance Manuals” link at the top of the page.

Marine FAQs

Switlik’s newest line of compressed air charge inflation life rafts, including the CPR, OPR (and FAA TSO-approved variants), the MRP-10, and SAR-6, are all sold with a 5 year recommended service interval. Please contact sales@switlik.comwith the complete raft part number and serial number if you have a question regarding the recommended service interval.

Switlik MOM 8-A Man Overboard Modules should be serviced by your local Authorized Service Center. You may find a MOM Service Center in your area by visiting our Dealer Locator and clicking the“MOM Service Center”box.

Yes. The MOM 8-S is self-serviceable. For repacking instructions, you can watch our YouTube tutorial video and you can purchase the re-arm kit HERE.

Suit FAQs

Switlik Anti-Exposure Dry Suits should be “Pool Tested” at least once a year by users. Users are encouraged to don the suit, and enter a body of clean water to test for leaks. If any leaks are noted, you may visit our Dealer Locator and click the“U-Zip-It Dry Suit Service”box to find an Authorized Service Center in your region.

General FAQs

All warranty inquiries for Switlik products should be directed to

Airline-Style and Constant Wear Life Vest Dates of Manufacture (DOM) are denoted by the first digits of the serial number. The sequence MM-YY-XXXXX denoted the Month (MM) and Year (YY) that the vest was manufactured.