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Man Overboard & Rescue

SWITLIK Man Overboard and Rescue Modules (MOM) are designed to provide flotation in the quickest and safest way to a man overboard victim while ensuring the victim can be easily and safely recovered back on board.

Coastal Life Rafts

SWITLIK Coastal Life Rafts are designed to provide emergency flotation in case of emergency requiring evacuation from your vessel. These best in class coastal rafts are designed to allow you to get into the raft easily and out of it safely.

Offshore Life Rafts

SWITLIK Offshore Passage Rafts are designed to provide emergency flotation, secure shelter and unmatched stability in the toughest environments. Made for easy and safe entry and provide unmatched stability during search and rescue retrieval.

Race Marks

SWITLIK Race Marks are made with the same superior quality we put into our survival products. Championship Regatta proven, the Big Ball design provides the most visible and stable race mark option for racers in any condition.