CSU-13 B/P
CSU-13 B/P
CSU-13 B/P
CSU-13 B/P
CSU-13 B/P
CSU-13 B/P

CSU-13 B/P

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  • U.S. Air Force Anti-G Suit

  • A Critical life support and military unique item. The CSU-13B/P is a U.S. Air Force Anti-G suit worn by fighter aircraft pilots to counteract positive head to foot G forces. It is a wraparound garment with an internal inflatable bladder which compresses the waist and legs of the wearer during G induced flying maneuvers.

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  • Bladders located at the abdomen, thighs and calf area.
  • Waist and leg entrance zipper fasteners.
  • Cord lacing fit adjustment with lacing covers.
  • Detachable leg pockets.
  • Leather reinforced shin pockets and shroud knife pocket.
  • Available in 7 sizes and lengths.
  • MIL-Spec: MIL-DTL-83406D
    Shell Fabric: FR Aramid Cloth
    Color: Freedom Sage
    Bladder Fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon
    NSN's: 8475-00-545-8197 (small-regular)
    8475-00-545-8204 (small-long)
    8475-00-545-8211 (medium-regular)
    8475-00-550-7394 (medium-long)
    8475-00-545-8221 (large-regular)
    8475-00-545-8227 (large-long)
    8475-00-545-8248 (large-Xlong)