CORD Inflatable Life Sling - Rearm Kit

CORD Inflatable Life Sling - Rearm Kit

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This is a re-arm kit for the SWITLIK CORD. Rearm Kit p/n S-4167-2 

The Crew Overboard Rescue Device or CORD, is an inflatable life sling, designed for man overboard emergencies for both leisure marine boaters and first responders. The CORD is intended to be used multiple times. The unit is Self-serviceable with a 1-Year service interval.

Re-arm kit includes:

  • 2ea 33g CO2 Cylinders
  • 2ea Seat Seal Gaskets
  • 2ea Upper Gaskets
  • 2ea Lower Gaskets
  • 1 inspection sticker
  • 1 re-inspection certificate

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