AV-200 Passenger Life Vest

AV-200 Passenger Life Vest

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The single cell airline vests are designed for the modern aircraft company that's looking to save on space and weight while still maintaining full international certifications.

The Switlik AV-200 is the latest advancement in airline life vests. Offering airlines a lightweight, compact and inexpensive vest while meeting all the safety features required by the FAA. The AV-200 donning style features a single waist strap with a single adjusting buckle.

NOTE: 7-10 day production lead time.



  • Single cell configuration
  • CO2 inflator
  • Single oral inflation tube
  • Neck gusset for chafe protection
  • Fully adjustable for waist/chest size up to 59"
  • Silk-screened pictorial donning instructions
  • Water activated TSO C-85 locator light
  • Corrosion resistant hardware
  • Mildew resistant webbing
  • Flame retardant fabric
  • Plastic storage pouch
  • Silk-screened donning instructions
  • Available in international yellow or orange
  • Donning configurations to meet your specific requirements


Approval Compliance:

CAA Specification No. 5 (AV-100H)


35 lbs./15 kgs. 876 gms.

Inflation System:

One 33 gram. C02 cylinder

Cover Fabric:

Polyurethane Coated Nylon (TSO C13d or TSO C13f)


3/4" Nylon per MIL-T-5038


Available with 2-Year, 5-Year or 10-year TBO

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