Switlik Origin and History

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Our founder, Stanley Switlik was born and raised in what is now Lviv, Ukraine. The events currently happening in Europe are devastating and we at Switlik feel compelled to pledge our support.

Switlik is no stranger to be called upon in a time of need. In the 1930’s Switlik started manufacturing pilot and gunner belts, designing flight clothing, and experimenting with parachutes. In December of 1941 as war clouds grew, the factory was creating nearly 2500 parachutes a week to supply the US Army and other military troops during WW2. In the late 1940’s Switlik worked closely with the Navy and Air Force to design and create life vests as well as life rafts. During the Cold War, new parachute designs were developed for nuclear warheads, the space program and aircraft deceleration. Switlik has shaped and evolved its products to high quality survival products for those who need it most.


Walter and Stanley SwitlikWalter and Stanley Switlik


Seeing the aftermath of the war our founder, Stanley Switlik, created the Switlik Foundation in 1952. Giving back to the community has been a fundamental part of our past and a legacy we continue to build. Still to this day, the philanthropic arm of Switlik Survival Products, supports schools and organizations by giving back and investing in the local community where our employees and customers live and work is fundamental to Switlik Survival Products.


Stanley Switlik CollageHonoring Stanley Switlik


Given our company’s origin and history, we feel a deep connection with the war at hand in Ukraine, and are making commensurate donations to help. We vetted many sources and placed our donations with the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, to provide the civilian defense units with helmets and body armor, as well as Razom, who are responding by providing critical medical supplies. We are proud of our legacy in creating safety products for military personnel, and are using our foundation to support Ukraine during these unprecedent times.



To learn more about the work that UACC and Razom are doing you can visit their websites:

UACC: https://uaccusa.org/supportukraine

Razom: https://razomforukraine.org


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”  – Oscar Wilde

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