Switlik is Expanding!

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SWITLIK Survival Products is excited to announce that we’ve officially broken ground on what will be an expansion to our manufacturing facilities. The expansion consists of the addition of a new 20,000 sf building on our 1325 East State St. property in Trenton, NJ. This project is testament to the growth Switlik has been experiencing over the years, as well as a commitment to keeping our business local.

Switlik has proudly manufactured out of Trenton since 1920, and have been employing both Trenton and Hamilton residents for over 100 years. Switlik is investing in the community and the future of its employees as this new addition is laying the foundation for the next generation of Switlik employees.

Switlik Survival Products: Looking forward with confidence.
What does this mean for Switlik? This new addition is providing Switlik the much-needed space to expand our product offerings and bring on new innovative ideas. The diversification of our products and markets, and our continued willingness to change with the times, will ensure Switlik maintains in its position as an industry leading American manufacturer.

“We’re thrilled to get moving on this project which will ultimately provide the residents of Trenton and Hamilton with new job opportunities and help those employed continue succeeding. For 102 years Switlik has been saving lives worldwide, providing jobs locally.” – Stanley Switlik II, CEO.

What does this mean for Switlik customers? The new manufacturing warehouse will enhance Switlik’s capacity in expanding our current product lines as well as giving head way to the creation of new features and enhancements. Switlik’s mission is to design, manufacture and sell technical textile products solutions that always meet our customers performance needs and exceed their value expectations, and this expansion will allow us to continue fulfilling our mission day in and day out.

“The expansion is pivotal for us” says Sarah Switlik, COO “it allows us a lot of opportunity as we look towards the next generation at Switlik.”

About Switlik: Quality, Performance, Innovation
Our current product mix consists of anti-exposure suits, airline life vests, constant wear vests, man overboard and water rescue platforms, life rafts, and military based products outfitting the US Coast Guard, US Army, US Navy as well as the US Air Force.

Switlik products are consistently at the forefront in design, performance and quality of manufacture.  Switlik is proud of their long-standing reputation for quality, performance and innovation, having put their family name on their products for over 100 years.

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